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E&L Supply new products/ remodel North County SD - Escondido

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E&L supply has been my nut, bolt, tap, die etc. purveyor for over 10 years. On a recent visit to the store I noticed a remodeling underway and some additional products being stocked that can benefit the off road community (dzus, clamps, specialty motor bolts etc.). E&L also plans to begin stocking AN fittings which will save North County folks a long drive to the next nearest shop.

Stop in and take a look at the photo wall of all the race trucks, buggies and dragster projects that they have been involved with over the years. Tell Eric you saw it on RDC!

E&L supply
215 W. Washington ave
Escondido, CA 92025



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This is awesome, thanks for the heads up. This will save me a TON of miles and hours spent driving.



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As good as Juanitas on 101?

Eating at Juanita's is like playing Russian roulette with your intestines. I have not eaten there in years due to food poisoning of Myself and everyone I know. Just because its open a 2AM doesn't mean you have to eat there.........

El Napalito is way better and no hitchhikers.......


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Huh, I ate there Friday, no problems. Oh well, better scenery at Juanitas any way.