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East Coast Racing


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I am new to the world of local dirt bike races. I am looking to see what are the major/minor events that happen on the east coast are. Races, Meets, Rides really anything that involves a dirt bike. Thank you for your time


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There isn't much on this forum for east coast guys. Most of the members are from the west and race desert in both the US and Baja.

The big national series in the east is the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series. The races are held all over in the east. Other than that I have no idea what there is out there. I imagine, like most of Texas, there are not huge wide open riding areas like those in Arizona, Nevada, Cali, and Baja. I lived out west for 11 years and miss the great riding. My 180 acres in Texas gets boring real fast.

I would search for a local bike club. Talk to your nearest bike shop, they should be able to introduce you to some guys like you that ride.