ECU Stage 2 flash

Lee Vining

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We're happy with the performance on our 2020 X3 Max RR but what they hey, more power is always more fun. Especially when you run with people than have no clue what the brake pedal is for and run full throttle 99% of the time.

2 past vehicle performance flashes with EVO worked out good so we went with EVO again.
I was sweating that our good running vehicle may start throwing codes or other side effects but EVO will reset the ECU to stock and refund your money if you aren't satisfied.

12 day turn-a-round from Wisconsin to So Cali.

Results were more hole shot and more response and power from dead start all the way up the power band. More than just noticeable and more than the 15 HP boost you'd think would add. Heads up loading your X3 back in the Toy Hauler. Low end really jumps when you barely touch the gas. Top end speed is lifted and inter cooler fan comes on sooner.

Simply remove the push pins and take the cover off behind drivers side rear seat. Two screws hold the ECU in place. Two ECU plugs will come out after you press the little locking dog on the side of each and roll the rocker fastening clip back.

Most definitely worth the money IMHO.