El Cajon MX Park


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just wondering if anyone here will be racing friday night (7/26)?

and to anyone else who rides ..... i need some advice on how to attack steep faced kickers .

thanks , mike


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I ride a YZ400 (for sale if you know anyone!!) so being a 4 stroke if you're on a 2 stroke it may be different. On normal jumps I tend to approach them fast and either coast off or keep steady throttle off the face. If it's something right outta a corner I'll holdi it wide open till I"m in the air. ON kickers though I actually approach them a little slower then the speed to clear it and either gas it off the face or seat bounce it depending on the face. I've never ridden El Cajon so I can't really help you on a particualr jump. I ride Elsinore a lot and can clear everything on the main and vet tracks.


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cool....thanks Khris , i'll do my best . i 've read about seat bouncing but have never had the chance to try it yet.



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You can practice in your garage before you go, throw that bike on a stand, suit up in your normal riding gear, sit on the bike and start seat bouncing !!

If you're gonna try it, which you should...... start on some little jumps first. If you're not expecting it, it can throw you around kinda. It's all about letting the suspension do the work for you, with the proper amount of throttle of course.


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i've jumped regular tabletop (vintage style?) jumps at carlsbad but nothing kicker style like these modern era jumps.

not used to the nose dive feeling yet .... scared of heights too lol.

everyone i see jumping is at least slighty whipping their bike...is this something i need to try and do or can i go straight?

thx mike


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Just make sure your on the gas when you hit the jump face. If you roll off early, you will be nose diving. I like to stand bent knee up to the jump, and pump the bike into the face by quickly standing upright. It's similar to the feeling of pumping on a 1/2 pipe. A lot of guys do whip the bike, but you don't have to. Sometimes the rear end will get crooked on it's own, but don't let it scare you. Also, there's no need to be scared of the height, because it's not the fall that hurts, it's the sudden stop when you hit the ground. Good luck.