El Centro Moto-X & Off-Road Club


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Passing along - I dont know where else to post this.

My name is Jerrod Storm; I am currently in the Navy stationed at Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA. We recently had a motocross track and off-road course built for us a couple of months ago. The base has not and will not assist us in any way, other than giving us the land to build on, because we had to mark it as a private club for insurance purposes. We currently have about 15 members all active duty military and dependents, and have pretty much just been going to local races and selling hot dogs and accepting donations, just getting whatever we can to help us out. I was wondering if you guys would possibly be interested in somewhat sponsoring our track to help pay back the guy that paid for it and keep maintenance up on it (renting water trucks, dozers, etc) or maybe even getting us a banner or something like that any way that you could help us out would be greatly appreciated. We have our main track that is more of an intermediate level
track, our mini track for the kids, and an off road course for those of us with trucks, and rhinos. If this is something you would be interested in please let me know my email address is jerrod.storm@navy.mil, my cell number is (559)410-3353 if you would like to give me a call for further details. Thank you for your time,
Jerrod Storm