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Elite TT type spec class? Fun thoughts and wild ideas...

Fly'n Ryan

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Could it hurt to go from water to dirt???

What if Trophy Truck type vehicles could be powered by big block - twin turbo - off shore - boat racing motors?

1650hp automotive crate motors with hours of r&d by Big $$$$ Boat Engine Manufacture that has been supplying power plants to recreational watercraft since 1939. Just so happens that this same company wants to get involved in different forms of auto racing..... ( I will now pause)

Day Dreaming:

Desert F1 Super Series "Whats up Mad Media?"

50+ big horsepower vehicles that mimic F1 styled Truggies.

TT suspension (IFS & 4 Link) paired with the new 4x4 technology should put the power to the ground and handle the bumps & jumps very nice!!!

High Speeds are passing 165 MPH on the dry lake beds.

High tech aerodynamics prevent lift off....

Prime Time Global TV broadcasting, Corporate Sponsors, Millions of viewers - Makin it rain!!!

2020 - Dad what was NASCAR???

Ahhh one can only dream!!

Thank you for your participation. Last thought, Josh Daniel & Justin Matney have given us glimpses into the future. Could off road racing be in for something extraordinary?

What do you think?


Are you tired of finding LS engines in everything, and long for the days when big-blocks were the ultimate underhood bragging right? Those days have returned. When the SEMA Show opens Tuesday morning, MercuryRacing.com will unveil a new “street rod” crate engine version of its 9.0L, all-aluminum, Quad-Cam, 4-valve (QC4v) big-block marine motor.

DOHC 9.0L Big Block Crate Engine

When fit into a boat (with effectively unlimited cooling) these 552ci engines are turbocharged and sold in 1,100hp,1,350hp, and 1,650hp trim levels. We’re speculating Mercury Racing will offer these engines to car builders in at least 600hp naturally aspirated packages.

Big-Block Strikes Back!

Mercury Racing designed the QC4 engine architecture in 2010. It’s a deep-skirt block that's based on a big-block Chevy architecture. It has cross-bolted main bearing caps, dual overhead cams (DOHC), four-valves per cylinder, sequential-port fuel injection, and coil-on-plug ignition. The engine also features a 90-degree Chevy V8 bellhousing and a dry-sump oiling system

Engine Specs:

All this power doesn't come cheap however, as the 90-degree 9.0L DOHC V-8 aluminum block (with dual-overhead cam heads Designed/Developed/Produced by Mercury Racing) is estimated to cost $65,000.

Mercury Racing QC4v

DOHC big-block

9.0L / 552 ci

4.57 inches

4.21 inches

Compression Ratio

PCM 09

Fuel System
Sequential Fuel Injection

26.69 inches (from back of block)

34 inches

29 inches (from crankshaft centerline)

782 pound

Slippery P

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Sure, just come up with a way to make the rest of the parts live.
TT's already self destruct putting 600hp to the tire, would be awesome though.


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Sounds very cool but yeah I think current vehicles would self destruct lol


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At some point the extra horsepower is a waste. Mix that with even worse fuel economy, and I don't see these trucks being a whole lot faster as there's going to be tons(probably literally) more weight that's going to really make them struggle in tight and choppy sections. It'll be like racing a dump truck through the desert.

And while those engines are reliable at WOT for tons of hours, that's actually a lot easier on parts than chopping the throttle and the loading and unloading seen in desert racing.

Wendell #527

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Cooling them for a desert race would be the biggest obstacle. Every hp creates more heat. Boats have that whooped.

JWK Motorsports

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the tantrum charger has had this engine for quite a while... and yes a HUGE radiator to keep it cool.

could you imagine your transmission bill?


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Good thing King is selling bigger coil overs... gonna need them for my new 180 gallon fuel cell to support my off shore big block lol


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Let's see Grave Digger go up the goat trail or through Mike's, El Coyote, and down through Simpson Ranch or the narrows of Matomi

The idea of HUGE horsepower is cool. But even if you could keep the drivetrain intact and you had the ability to carry enough gas and keep that fire breathing engine cool, you still have to get traction. AWD would help for sure, but I think Mr. Matney would even find this power a little excessive.

I know a guy that put a 350 in the front of a VW Bug. It was a great idea, except that he had so much power it would break the rear wheels loose every time he touched the gas. This made it impossible to drive and after the novelty wore off it was dismantled.