EllisMate Interview with Mike DeFord


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Good to see Mike putting in alot of hard work to make this series work.

Q&A with Mike DeFord, Marketing Manager of Bully Dog Technologies, about Jason's involvement with the Lucas Oil Series:

- Mike, for newbies, what is the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series?

The Lucas Oil series for newbies is a cross of NASCAR and supercross, you have 20+ trucks racing around a track about a mile long, that track is full of jumps, huge sweeping corners and the entire thing is dirt. The racing is VERY physical, after a 25 minute race most trucks finish the race missing body panels and/or just totally wrecked. Throughout the weekend there are 9 classes racing both Saturday and Sunday.

- And what is your personal affiliation with the series?

There are a number of answers to that question, I have a number of roles. I am the marketing manager for Bully Dog Technologies, we manufacture performance parts for trucks. Last winter we became a large sponsor of the Lucas series. With that sponsorship we brought in the SuperLite class. Off road racing is pretty expensive, along with our partners at Speed Technologies we wanted to bring an affordable race class into off road racing. All of the SuperLite trucks use the same engine, suspension, tires, etc. It is a driver’s class which means the best driver will usually win. Jason has talked some smack about him being the greatest driver, we will see in a couple of weeks!

- How did Jason Ellis come to be involved with racing trucks?

I have known of Jason for a long time, I am an old school skateboarder, I had skated with him a few times years ago. Being an old school skater I was automatically drawn to the radio show, I don’t get to listen every day but a while ago he mentioned that he wanted to be a race driver. With the SuperLite class we have a few seats open to celebrities, I figured it might be something he would like to try out. I contacted Ryan at the PMG/Hart & Huntington race team about it because I knew Jason was close to Carey and Ryan made it happen, 3 days later Jason was in Primm, NV testing the truck.

- What race races will Ellismate be taking part in?

The plan is to have him race the 5 remaining weekend of the Lucas Oil Off Road Series, those races are in AZ, NV and CA.

- What do you expect to see from Jason, out on the track? What are his odds of winning?

During the test in Primm Jason ran very well, he was pretty quick right off the trailer. But racing is a different animal all together, with a bunch of other trucks out there it gets very hectic and heated and those other drivers can and will determine a drivers race for them. It was a good sign having him run quick in testing but I think it will take at least a weekend or two before Jason really gets comfortable in the race. But as I said this is a driver’s class, the trucks are equal, Jason has been at the top of the skateboard world and done well in the fights he has which shows he has the drive but really only time will tell but I think you can expect to see him on the podium before his third race weekend.

- What sort of truck will you be outfitting him with?

The SuperLite truck is a tube frame chassis it is not a production truck that you can go to your local car dealer and buy. It has a Mazda rotary engine in it which pumps out decent power. We are finalizing some sponsors for him now, I will let you know about that as soon as I can.

- If people want to find out more about Bully Dog Technologies, and the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, where can they go?

They can visit a few sites to learn more about all this.

www.superlitechampionship.com for information about the trucks and the class

www.bullydog.com to get more power and fuel economy for their car, truck, SUV

www.lucasoiloffroad.com for all the information of the series and a complete schedule of races


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