Elsinore Grand Prix Write-Up


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Went dirt riding Saturday at Corral Canyon to practice for the famous Elsinore GP, on Sunday Nov. 11th.

Sunday, grilfriend and I headed up early for the races at Lake Elsinore, raced in the 40+ class. Started near the back of the pack, then made the first right turn onto main street and had to dodge 2 guys who got their bikes tangled together. Squeezed by a couple of more bikes going towards the first corner on main street, then outbraked a few before the first left onto the dirt. Passed a few more guys who slowed down to look at a fallen rider who did a faceplant in the dirt and was not moving, I said to myself, "stop looking and just race !! "

On one of the dirt straights before the right hander for the loop around the small hill, the KTM started to bog like it was running out of gas, so I had to slow down, and a guy coming up on my left clipped my handlebar and took me out. I scrambled on my knees to get off the course, as everyone in my class blew by, damn !! I got up, realized I had bit my tongue as I fell, but all else was OK, waited for a clear spot and pulled my bike over to the side. Hopped on and started it up and took off. For the rest of the race, the bike would start to die and I'd have to pull the clutch in and rev it up as it backfired, and it would then clear up. So, that was holding me up quite a few times also.

I did get a chance to dice with a few people. Later, on the last stretch before the ridge route, I came up over a jump and the bike was out of gear, so I tried down shifting and it wouldn't go in gear. Damn, I thought I blew the transmission. I looked over my left, saw it was clear and put my arm up in the air to signal I had problems as I coasted to the left side. 2 corner workers ran over and helped me push it across the course to the outer side of the track. Then, 2 spectators ran over to see what was wrong. As I checked out the shift lever, it just fell off. It looked stripped inside, but I tried getting the bolt back in. The 2 guys took over since I was all pumped up and my hands weren't steady. They ran back with tools and put the shift lever back on for me. I started her up and got it into gear. I thanked them, and they said "nice bike, get out there and kick some ass !!"

I headed back out onto the course and was able to finish without any more problems. Needless to say, I was glad to just finish, and even after all the problems, was not last in my class of 59 finishers !!

The rest of the day, we had mucho fun as we watched the other races from different vantage points, and enjoyed watching some of the pros at the big jump during the Harvey Mushman 100 Race.

All in all, an awesome day of racing and spectating !!

'00 KTM 640 LC4

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I was out at that race an was not sure who #8 was in the Harvey Mushman 100 Race. He stayed right with Smith on the factory bike. I am pretty sure he was riding a 250 but man he was fast.