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****Emergency in Mexico NEED HELP****

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Everyone, There was an accident in Mexico during the Baja 500 and Rick Johnson's pre-runner is in need of a trailer near San Mateas. Steve and Matt Scaroni are there with it but are in desperate need of a trailer to get it out of Mexico. If anyone can help please call or text people down there and help coordinate a trailer for them.

Time to be the off-road family and help them out. They are good people and need assistance.

Also please pray for them.

Greg Foutz


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Jeremy Spirkoff is handling the trailer.

Thanks for the help....

Please pray for Brenda, Rick, and Tony


Some of my favorite people in the family! Prayers for they them all. May their unadulterated and excessive kindness bring the Karma they need to get through this.


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My thoughts go out to Ricks family and crew tonight, as well as everyone involved. It just sucks hearing all this happen and not being able to help. Keep us updated.


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If you need me Call I can be on the road with in a hour Lenny 714 381-2049


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***Update on Brenda Johnson*** She is at UCSD, needs prayers, Rick is with her. Tony Talbert has been checked out and is in route to San Diego, seems ok. Big Red is being impounded on trailer...


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Man this sucks! Prayers and positive thoughts comin their way!


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Brenda, Rick, Louis, and the whole Johnson family, you are in our thoughts and prayers.


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Any news on Brenda? Stable? OK? We are hoping she will be OK
Once you get Red across the border I can take it to wherever it needs to go. I have a 18 flatbed race trailer. OR what ever logistics help is needed?

Doug Anderson
760 220 1504

(Old School SCORE 1600 race team ABR)


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Praise the LORD that she is stable! I was the second one on the scene and it was not good at all. No comments on the accident but thank the Lord that she was able to make it out of mexico asap. Please continue to pray for her and her family. I know it will be a rough road ahead.
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