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Empty seat going to Dakar


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We recently had a change of structure within our Dakar team. We have one extra seat in one of our support trucks. If you ever dreamed of being on the Dakar here is your chance. PM me if you need all the details. You will be responsible for your entry fees and your share of expenses.



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Darren, Wish I had that kind of cash laying around...I'd be on it like a pack of wild dogs on a roast!!! Sometime in my lifetime, just not this time...good luck in your search.


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"Mechanic"/passenger fee: $13,500
+ Travel, food, insurance etc etc.

I'm sure it would cost someone up to $25K to experience the dakar as a passenger.

Awesome opprotunity for someone wanting to see what it's all about before spending the real big bucks to race.

randy s

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darren. please leave me a message. thanks