Ending my Baja 1000 project


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Ending my now 9-year Baja 1000 project that didn´t reach all the way, i´m ending it without bitterness. Looking back at what this project gave me i do not see this decision as negative, on the contrary.

My baja project brought me into filmmaking early, it was actually what started my interest in cameras and later made me launch my own company in filmproduction that i´m currently working full time with. I have also proven to myself what i´m capable of creating, something quite so unique took shape for a few years in my garage.

Motorsports have always been in my life from when i grew up, my dad was racing alot and i practically grew up on the racetrack as a kid. Years later i found desert racing, first in Dakar, but Baja was not far behind on the list of what i wanted to race. Fast forward to 2009-2010 i took the first step and started a way bigger project than i could have imagined.

When looking back on the project i realize what i never saw before when i was ”in it”
Everything isn´t about reaching the end goal.
If you´ve learned something from it and not reached all the way, it´s still okay.

This project was from the start quite extreme on itself, that in addition to choosing to run the project 99% on my own was impossible with the time and economy i had, something i never saw with my own eyes. The project was delayed many times during the first years, my time spent with the project and working a full time job was not enough. Later on i had financial trouble that put an end to the project.
All the hardships around this project over this massive amount of time made me loose the drive for it. In the last few years anxiety was all that was left with the project. If i would have known a couple of years ago what i feel now, this decision would have been taken much earlier.

I have announced my decision to end the project to my two biggest sponsors, those who supported me to 120% over the years and they are equally supportive now in my decision.

Huge and extreme soloprojects is no longer for me and now that this huge stone is off my shoulders, all my focus is on what´s really important here in life.

Thanks for all your support over the years.

You're not a quitter, you're a winner.

Best wishes for all your future endeavors, Linus!


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I thought it was a Honda CRX, really cool stuff, maybe not exactly suited for Baja but really cool to see the passion that went into it.