Enduro's Win Streak


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Enduro\'s Win Streak

Correct me if I am wrong but has anyone noticed the winning streak that Dave and Dan from Enduro Racing have been having? The last race that they didn't win was the San Felipe 250 in 2001. They have won every Score TT race since then.


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Re: Enduro\'s Win Streak

I scored a sweet poster signed by those guys last year, got it hangin' in my living room. Go Duralast oh I mean enduro! :)


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Re: Enduro\'s Win Streak

Yeah, Dave there tough.... No Flats + No Problems = Good Day....... They haven't lost their Class since Last Year at the 500.... They started Last off the line and they came through us @ Rm 130 (Chanate Wash) 3rd Physically behind Herbst and Steinberger, so they where motoring.....

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Re: Enduro\'s Win Streak

They are definitely fast. Anybody who raced dirt bikes in the desert has a huge advantage over the guys who didn't. These guys (Dan and Dave) know the terrain like the back of their hands. You think the guys in TT's got balls, check out an old school bomb run...when a few hundred guys would start, WFO for a couple miles not able to see as far as there front fender because it's so dusty. I give props to all the TT drivers or any drivers who drive that fast, but that will never compare to the props I give to the MC guys out there every Sunday battling, w/o a roll cage.

Not only do Dan and Dave have the knowledge of the land, they are backed by second-to-none, Ford Powertrain Engineering. The support alone is a huge advantage. It doesn't matter how much money teams dump into their race trucks if they can't cross the finish line.

It is said on this site quite often about how "hi-tech" this persons or that persons drive train is, but the fact of the matter is that the Engineers at Ford are going to produce a far superior product, design wise then most engineering firms, teams, shops,etc.. will ever be able to produce. How many trannies has Duralast gone through over the last year? How long does it take them to swap in a new one? Across the board its gonna be the trucks or cars that are designed not only to eliminate failure but if failure occurs it can be repaired quickly and redesigned to eliminate future failures. Once that iteration ahs worked it's way through the car..it is essentially "bullet proof".

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