Engine cage


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I'm thinking about having a fab shop build a basic engine cage in my 98 Tacoma that is tied into my in cab roll cage and tied into my stock lower box frame. It will need to have mounts put on it for all of my stuff under the hood, like radiator, fuses, ABS control unit, and AC. Also, the cage will need to have supports for my lights, grill, hood and fenders. I do not have my front suspension done yet, so later I will tie into it with my upper coilover mounts, so that does not need to be done yet. I can do all of the removal work of stock supports and fender wells, etc. Anyone recomend a good shop to do it who has had it done, and what kind of cost I am looking at?

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Duffco Dan can do it real nice. He did it to his truck and there is a truck in his shop right now that is getting it done too...give him a call.

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