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Racers and knowledgeable people:

We are planning The Sonora 100 for last weekend in August 2009. International event meaning that I am planning on inviting USA competitors.

What do I need to get them to compete in Nogales Mexico?

I need help in determining what is best and most fair way to categorize SXS's in a desert race:

Is it fair to run an Open category?

Everything SxS vs. everything SxS?

Example: Stock 686cc vs beefed 800cc etc?

How many categories should there be?

How should they be differentiated?


Starts with 1mile of technical uphills,jumps downturns, canyons etc.. the remaining 9miles are very fast fire roads that lead back to start.

7 laps total 112kilometers = 70 miles.

According to me and my experience an experienced rider could and probably will outrun and beat a less experienced rider that has a higher hp machine easily on this course due to the terrain variation and risk of slip ups involved.

competitor could participate as:

Teams or Iron man.

Trying to reach $35k in purse for 3 categories

1st -$5k

2nd- $2k

3rd - $1k

$x half Race purse
+ Ironman bonus.

This is what I have so far:


SxS -undecided

Quads - Open

Dirtbikes -125cc & up

How should SxS's be categorized?

Stock up to what cc?

Modified up to what engine size?

Reason we are not including other off road equipment is due to size and because of the terrain that we are using for this event, I think that a bigger machine than a SxS would get stuck in trees etc..

Any ideas and questions are welcomed.




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