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You see all the commercials about Engine and Gas Treatments but who knows what to buy and what actually works! I was wondering what some of you run in your trucks to keep the internals clean? I have 75000 on the truck now and I want to make sure things are kept in good shape for the long run. Thanks!

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Jordan, with possible exceptions they are pretty much snake oil. Prolong, Slick50, etc... just a rip off. Consumer reports did acouple tests on them and all their "claims" are totally false. either prolong or slick50 said something about driving a viper around for X ammount of hours with no oil and no damaging the engine, so con. reports got 2 identical cars, drained the oil, one had the treatment, both siezed up within 20 seconds of each other, lasting a grand total of 19 minutes. The Govt. is constantly making them remove some of their claims they cannot backup with evidence. The motoroil you put in your car is already formulated to work extremely well, adding these products actually screws this up.

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Z max was tested by one of our team members at his facility that does CARB certification and it showed an excellent fuel consumption decrease in the tests they ran. That is the only thing I recall him saying...may have had more advantages but I cannot recall.

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I made a post a year or so ago offering samples of a new product a buddy was trying to get to market. It's been tested and proven to work - it actually did increase mileage during testing and did noticably reduce pollution output, especially in diesels. I thought it was a scham but among others the city of Los Angeles tested it in everything from dump trucks to buses and found it worked. I've had a few MX and PWC 2-stroke race teams test it (can't name names) but I can say that they were not allowed to use it due to limitations placed on them by their sanctioning bodies. They tested it on their dyno and in each engine it made more power and ran cooler. A couple Busch and Winston Cup teams got ahold of some and they too found it ran cooler and made an HP or two improvement. They can't use it legally (hint hint) because NASCAR mandates the same 76 fuel for each team. The long term affects on the engine are good too - the valves stay much cleaner as do the internals. I tore down my worn out 351w out of the 83' Bronco after running the stuff for a few months and was amazed out how clean it was. My best guess is the additive ends up in the crankcase oil due to the small amount of blowby that normally occurs in most engines. I've used it in everything from my Dodge Dakota to my Bobcat and even a gross polluter lawn mower. At worst it does nothing and at best it gave me 1.5mpg in the Dakota. Kritter knows a buddy of mine, "Peppy" aka Seth has a not so SMOG friendly 4.0L Ranger. He used it in his truck before getting a SMOG test and the guy had to check for a cheater pipe the truck sniffed so clean. I also dump a pint into his 460-powered river boat when we go out because at idle the fumes would kill us - a pint of this stuff and we got rid of the headaches. Used it in his dads Z71 and saw a small mileage improvement. Everyone that's tried it told me I was full of s**t until they used it for a few weeks and saw it worked. It ain't a super duper improvement and it's probably more expensive than gas itself but it does work.

Not to bring up the whole Mitsubishi deal again... but this stuff was developed by a Nazi scientist in Germany that then sold the patent to a US company in the 60's. It was created to help get more MPG out of the NAZI tanks, trucks, planes, subs, you name it. As skeptical as I usually am I know that this stuff works. My buddies biggest purchasers of this stuff are of all things fishing boat owners - they run the additive to keep the rear of the boat clean and to reduce the nausea that diesel smoke can cause in some people. It's amazing at how well it reduces diesel smoke. If anyone wants to test some, or wants to see the lab results or those found by the city governments that have tested it, let me know. If any race teams want to dyno test it and give me the results I'd be happy to donate a quart or two - just PM or e-mail me.

I'm sure there are other products on the market that are similar that might be cheaper and might work as well or better. As with anything there is room for improvement so don't give up on the search for an additive that works - they are out there and they work.