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Engine mods


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Ive got a 98 tacoma 4x4 and want to do a little bit of engine mods to it. i wanna get around 300 something horsepower, but dont know what to do to the engine to get it. I have the saw coilovers in the front and am going to get the deaver springs and saw 2.0 for the back. anyone have a clue as what woudl be the best?




- users no longer part of the rdc family -
its a V6, ive got a flowmaster 40s (2.5" piping) on it right now with a K&N filter


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Hi Steve,

You may already know about these other options, and I don't know if they'll get you 300 hp, but it's a start:

- TRD supercharger (most expensive aftermarket mod and may disqualify you from racing in some of the sanctioning bodies)
- TRD headers (expensive - or you can try slightly cheaper Edelbrock headers)
- Deckplate mod (I don't know if this cheap $10 mod will allow desert dust and sand through the intake, but many claim it provides a few extra hp)
- Amsoil or K&N air filter (again, I don't know if this will allow some desert dust and sand through the intake, but it supposedly flows more air than the stock paper filter)

You might want to check with Gadget at www.gadgetonline.com</A> . This guy has experimented and dynoe'd a bunch of different mods on his 3.4L V6 4Runner and can probably help you. If you have an auto transmission, he can also help you with that too.

E.L. Prototypes supposedly offers some good engine performance parts for Toyota engines. You might want to check with them. They have a website, but unfortunately I don't know what it is.

You probably know this already, but another good source for 3.4L V6 info is at the Taco message board found at www.tacomaterritory.com</A> .

Hope this helps. Take care,



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go to lc engineering, they are starting to do a lot of things with the 3.4's. they are awesome.
i have their stage 2 head, and header, and a couple other small things, i get around 22 mpg (under hard driving), have a lot more power, and am much more comfortable with abusing the engine, knowing their stuff can handle what i give it.

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.lcengineering.com>http://www.lcengineering.com</A>
(520) 505-2501



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i havent dynoed (yet), and i still have the factory injection, which is cutting it off bad. i would guess right now i have about 160 HP, and around 180 ft/lbs. remember i have the 22re 4 cylinder, not the v6.
i do know i run a 15.7 quarter mile. i dont need the horsepower as much, cause my truck is lighter than [censored] (fiberglass, no bed, etc.) but lc does custom motors, and they can get you however much power you want. when i was there last, they were just finishing up a 500 horse 22re for a sandrail. call them up on monday, they are cool guys, and even if they dont have what you need, they can tell you where to get it.


Jerry Zaiden

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It depends on how much you want to spen.

If you want the power.

Supercharger, new injectors, custom headers and exhaust by REF unlimited. Electro motive fuel injection, a custom air intake, new valves and minor head work, bring it to Leathal Dose injection and have him m.a.p in the system. You will gain about 75 real HP at the rear wheels.