Engine-Transmission Combinations


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Hi there! I'm working on designing and building my own buggy from scratch and I was wondering about engine and transmission combinations. This buggy will be not be used for racing, but that doesn't mean that speed isn't a priority. In designing the buggy, I hit a little road block. I want this buggy to have part time four wheel drive while the engine (either a straight 6 or a v6) is located at the back of the car, but I don't know which engines can be used with which transmissions, and can be used in this rear engine setup (which I guess is called an R4 layout). It also may be worthy to note that forced induction is more than likely going to happen lol.

So, which engine-transmission combinations can I use to obtain part time four wheel drive in a rear engine buggy? If so, which ones can get me the most displacement?

Is there a way to do this with an existing transaxle?

What are some other, non-traditional ways of achieving this?

Also, off-topic, but what is considered light weight for a buggy/sand rail?


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I think you haven't got alot of responses cause you got a whole poop load of stuff going on there.
As far as part time 4wd in a buggy I have no clue but check out some of the Australian buggies that have done some twinew turbo v6 AWD stuff not part time though to my knowledge. Also Penh all built APD buggy rear engine but also not part time. I think the 3RZ motor is pretty common as far as v6 forced induction but over here the LS motors are cheaper and way more avliable it's definitelythe easiest way to go. Anything u need for anow LS in a buggy is out there. Unless you have crazy money and like to make things harder just for fun it would be the way to go.

As far as light for a buggy is concerned that totally depends on if you go full Sandrail or full buggy. I think around 3k lbs would be a light dual sport and 2.5k lbs or less would be a light Sandra I'll. Of course there are little mini rails with Hayabusa motors that weigh way less then that.


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I don't know of a way to have 4wd with a rear engine and transaxle. Maybe Porsche drivetrain? Weismann could make you something if you have enough zeros in your bank account.



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Here is the link to the Penhall 4wd buggy from a few years ago. Page 2 also has some CAD/CAM photos of an Australian buggy design.

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