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Engine Won't Start


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So I bought a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4 V8 as a project vehicle, doesn't start, ran a compression check. Drivers side cylinders I got a 115, 115, 135 and 110. On the passengers side, 115, 120, 115, and 0. Yes a fat ZERO on the last cylinder, checked it three times to make sure. So for those engine savvy individuals out there, WTH am I dealing with here??????


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Defiantly not a engine guru, but I can tell you this. Back in high school my dad let me pull the motor out of his old F250. Truck was running good when i pulled the motor.

When i got it out and took it to school I took off the heads. In cyl 8 there was a nut, about 1/4-20 in size, stuck in the intake valve holding it open!!! No idea how it got in there, but it was obvious it had been stuck in there for a long long time.

Even though this cylinder was obviously dead for a long time, the truck still ran decent, in fact we didn't even notice anything weird with it. Any little things with it we always attributed to the motor being old and worn. I can't remember it ever even popping out through the carb. The truck ran well.

So, if you do get it going, and dont feel like opening the motor...im sure you could have some fun with it even with a dead cylinder.


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Wow! Problem with my engine is that it won't start! Trying to eliminate what could be wrong with it.

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Does it have a spark?

Does it have fuel?

How does it crank?

Will it fire on a shot of starting fluid?


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Real silly comment... Check the ignition fuse/relay. Sometimes the obvious is overlooked.


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Check your main ground strap from engine block to frame, motor will not start without proper ground.


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I checked the electronics end of the matter, could not pull any codes out of the computer.
No codes or no codes present? My 2000 JGC will list the codes when the key is switched on 3 times and say no codes present if there are none.