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Ensenada - good places to stay ?


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I'm looking for a SECURE place to stay for the Baja 1000. I normally stay at Quintas Papagayo and there is space
for trailers, trucks, etc...and trucks full of pit supplies usually don't get mysteriously emptied by sun-up. Unfortunately,
they are already booked solid. As is Estero Beach. Any suggestions are welcome - I really don't want to stay "down-town",
primarily due to the lack of security of the race gear. If anybody has some recommendations I'm eagerly listening......

Thanks, Eric

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The "Joker" is good. Has fenced security, nightclub, good restaurant. I think the rates are reasonable.

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Is the Estero beach RV park sold out too?


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Steve / GHoGH,

Thanks for the info - i'll check it out !

Rory - I did not check out the RV side. All I know is that the hotel (resort) only had 2 single bed rooms left for $105/night as of Sat morning. They have an "interesting" reservation policy: Make a reservation and hold it with your VISA, they bill your VISA for one night regardless, if you cancel (within 72 hours) they give you a credit certificate for a stay at the hotel - not a refund to your card. I suppose this keeps people from reserving and canceling if something better comes along.



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If Security is your concern then Estero is definitely the way to go. Im sure you probrably know if you have ever been there you have to have a pass to get into the resort. They do have a large RV area. You might also try this place-"KUKU MOTEL" Im not sure of the parking but it is in the Estero beach area and next to a killer little restaurant I found called Chiminos. Phone number 011-52-61-77-44-85


My favorite is the Punta Morro Resort by the Hospital on the way into town. Very high quality rooms, restaraunt and grounds. The only downfall is the parking are is tough to get n and out of with a large trailer.



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The Coral Hotel is awesome but is expensive considering. Thats where the Big Boys stay. It's a mile or so North of Ensenada. Downtown i'd say El Ray, El Cid, La Pinta, or Hotel Casa Baja Inn...


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Rory we camped out at the Estero campground last year and there was plenty of room.We got there on Thursday.