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Ensenada Mexico Native Ivan Ramírez to race Dakar under KTM

Hog Wild

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Didn't he win the spot back in April? Or is this something different?
Yes, he won the "Dakar Challenge" at Sonora Rally in April. That gets him a free entry into Dakar. But the entry fee is only a small part of a full budget for Dakar, so it takes some additional effort to utilize that free entry. In the past, several winners of the Dakar Challenge were not able to go to Dakar. We're thrilled Ivan is going to make it!

Here's Ivan leading off the mass start on day 3 of Sonora Rally:


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That mass start on day 3 was cool. I went out and stood by your gate that they funneled in to.

Looks like this what he won:

  • Sports dues for the rider / Driver, co-driver, and the race vehicle
  • Return sea transport of the race vehicle between Europe and South America.
  • Catering on the bivouacs
  • Insurance (public liability and repatriation)
  • Hire of the GPS/Sentinel, Iritrack and distress beacon
  • The transportation of one trunk and two wheels from bivouac to bivouac as well the technical support and advises from an ASO dedicated crew if the winning rider (Bike and Quad categories) registers into the « Malles Moto » Challenge (Without assistance).
  • The fuel and refuelling services during the Special Stages for the Bike / Quad categories.

Short Bus

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Will he be involved with any team for Dakar? I assume he will be trying to race competitively with some kind of support crew, not as a Malle Moto entry.


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Ivan appears in the entry list for this eekend Morocco rally with KTM Warsaw team (probably one of the best KTM private teams)

Desert Dog

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Ivan and the KTM Warsaw Team have just taken off from Barcelona heading to Morocco (as I type). ;-)

Deutsche Lustwaffe

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Well, this will be a eye-opener for him in terms of "real" international and what "World" desert racing means.
It will interesting to see how he performs doing +/-1885 kilometers at Rallye du Maroc.
He does have the raw speed but Rally Raid is just more as that.