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Entry List for the 1967 Mexican 1000


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Does anyone have the complete entry list for the 1967 1000? I have the finish list.



Crayola Killer
I looked and i don't have it. Todd Z maybe too.


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I hope the list will be shared here if found. In the meantime while people look for it, here is a great film of the '67 race for those who haven't seen it.


David K

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I will do some digging, so far, all I got was there were 68 entries in the 1967 Mexican 1000, per the 1974 book 'Off-Road Racing' by Lyle Kenyon Engel (page 90).

The race technically began in Tijuana but restarted in Ensenada where the real racing began. Only 5 checkpoints that year: Camalu, Santa Ynez, El Arco, La Purisima, and Villa Constitucion.