Enviros Monitoring Us - IMPORTANT


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Just wanted to let everyone know, BE CAREFUL what you say and post on these message boards.

Something happened recently, where something was posted which shouldn't have been, but I didn't know it. Well, word spread quickly and we know now that the enviros are watching some of our message boards. So, remember, you never know who is going to read our posts !!


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Yeah-the Eco Swine have been doing that for awhile...That's Ok cause some of us watch their boards too...;-)
what comes around-goes around...
oh yeah, if a Greenie sees this...KMA


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Randy- I don't thinkwhat gets posted matters too much. The folks who mouth off and make idotic statements like nuke green peace are considered fringe freaks with no power. Any educational statements that are posted that include facts only strengthen our cause, even if it clues the greens in on planned protests, etc... We need to gain some media exposure to daylight the truth about this issue.
the envirozealots have had their way with the media for 20 years and everything they have spouted has been accepted as gospel. Only now has the truth about their propaganda begun to see the sun. There is nothing wrong with the truth.

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