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EPA proposes ban on converting street cars into race cars


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It seems as though it wouldn't affect the ban on purpose built race vehicles, but it will affect all vehicles being converted into race vehicles while still having a license plate on them, no matter the state registered.

Here is the motor trend article:
EPA Proposes to Ban the Conversion of Street Cars to Race Cars - Motor Trend

Here is the petition:
Tell the EPA to Withdraw Its Proposal to Prohibit the Conversion of Vehicles Into Racecars | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

I'm not sure this really belongs in the short course racing section but I know this would affect everyone visiting this section of the forums.


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I was over at Bangshift and they had a list of myths and facts on this...

In some cases it worse than what we think. They can effect cars/trucks that already exist. Because they are going to go after the manufacturers of the parts! If they stop the production of items to defeat your emissions system. You will, eventually have to switch it back to a EPA legal system.

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