Eric Garcia of Flat-Out Racing, and Land Motorsports


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Hi my name is Eric Garcia,

I got into desert racing through my dad. His boss was the owner of DAY Racing. I have been involved in desert racing for over 21 years. Started out with DAY Racing, then BOB LAND Motorsports (I am still apart of Land Motorsports), and now my own team FLAT-OUT RACING. I have been a pit crew member, mechanic, co-driver, navigator, and now driver, worked my way up the ladder so to speak.

I found this website many years ago, it is so great in communicating with the community, but i first discovered it by my buddy tell me to check it out because they have alot of great classified ads.

I race a Jeep Cherokee in SCORE, BITD, SNORE for Land Motorsports, and drive my 5-1600 car, which i race in the MDR Superstition series. I hope to racea as ong as i can, as long as i can afford it in these hard times. Im sure everyone knows what im talking about.

During the day I am usually on the phone or computer dealing with some type of racing or something that involves racing. Then at night is when i head to work. I am a server at a resturant just trying to make enough money to live, and race.

Well i am glad to be apart of your racing community, and glad you will let me be apart of it.