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To the Estero Beach racers and Rally racers......I got my check in the mail and it's GOOD! We "ARTS" will be there for inspection October 12....all day long. Well, till 8:00 pm in the evening at least. So, gep the vehicles ready.....any questions about this event or just going to Mexico call me, leave a message at 702-897-3583

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We're (Greg & I) looking forward to going to Estero Beach again for some short course racing action...who else is going??? Sheryl? Ann? Boyz? Anyone? We had such an amazing time last April when we went and this Xtreme series has so far been really exciting. If you've never been to the resort it is soooooo nice, and affordable too. If no one's going to the Estero race, how about the Baja in Havasu in November or the Phoenix short course in December?

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I will most likely be at both havasu and phoenix, along with the shortcourse race whiplash is putting on here in Parker in November as well.