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Evaluate my build! 98 Ford Ranger Long Travel


Well, my front end is almost together. It's a 98 2wd Ranger LT setup. Boxed cromolly upper and lowers. It's the Weldtec kit as featured on their site, http://www.weldtecdesigns.com/products.php?MAKE=FORD&P=2

I've had some debate with a few friends over whether or not the spindle pin used will be up the job. I'm considering going with a beefier OEM one. Thoughts?

Here is the picture of the spindle pin

The rest of the pics are on my buildup thread if you care to check it out.


If anyone is interested in this same kit for their Ranger. It is now available through Weldtec's Online Store (http://weldtecdesigns.com/store/)

Here is the link the to the kit, you can either order the kit and install it yourself (cut and prep the frame, install kit, install engine cage, etc.) or drive your truck to them and have them install it (takes about a week).

It is $3950 for the kit (arms, spindle, hardware, steering)

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