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everlast welders?


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One of my friends just bought a everlast ac/dc tig/plasma/stick and he likes it so far but is there any one that has seen these welders have problems?

Im thinking about getting one just for my garage so its not going to get a ton of use. i know they are not as good as lincoln or miller but to buy a miller tig and plasma i would be into it over $3500 so i cant justify spending that much for a hobby welder...

Let me know what you guys think
http://www.everlastgenerators.com/AC & DC PULSE CUT TIG ARC (MMA)-61-81-pcs.html



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Run and run far.

I used to be a Moderator on WeldingWeb.com....they have been TONS of problems with those welders and the company itself. Go to that website and look/ask around about Everlast....I don't have time to go into the amount of complaints I've heard/read.

Of course, since they became a paid sponsor of WW, they have their own forum there and have deleted most of the negative posts from their customers. Great customer service, eh?

Save your money and buy a name brand welder. You get what you pay for and you'd be better off burning your money than wasting it on one of those.


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I have the Longevity combo unit (DC only) and I like it. Jim at A2Z electronics gives great customer service.

I am upgrading to an AC combo unit now from him.

All I can say is that you get for what you paid for. Unfortunately, I can't afford or justify a brand name unit for the price I pay on this unit.


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Stick with Miller or Licnoln. . .if you can't justify spending/saving for a welder that will work 100% of the time and is 100% backed by the manufacturer then you shouldn't be justifying welding at all. . .it's your safety and the safety of your vehicle that you are talking about here. . .


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Just pick up a used Miller or Lincoln. There are some on RDC and GD as well.


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+1 on Diirk's comment. . .you can get some REALLY good deals on used Miller and Lincolne welders. . .usually there isn't anything wrong with them. Usually the seller either just doesn't use it enough or they are upgrading to a newer model with more features.

When I was in welding school one of the guys got a killer deal on a Miller TIG welder. . .he only paid like $200 for a nearly brand new MaxStar TIG machine becuase the guy was upgrading to a Dynasty with wave control!

Also check Craigslist!


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Just pick up a used Miller or Lincoln. There are some on RDC and GD as well.
yea i have been looking on craigslist in my area and havnt seen anything. i didnt really think of checking RDC or GD, the only problem is nobody lives up here so i wouldnt be able to check out the welder before i buy it.

trust me i would way rather have a miller but i thought i would see what other people thought of the everlast welders since i know nothing about them. if i find a good miller tig or plasma in my price range i will buy it...
I'm the friend who bought the Everlast welder. I would love to have a brand name tig and plasma to match my Miller mig. The problem is that times are tough and can't afford that now.
I was offered to buy one at a very good discount. I did lots of research on Everlast v.s. other cheaper type imports. Without going into too much detail, or sounding like I'm soliciting, they're new stuff isn't all half bad and not all from china. Plus they have a 5 year warranty. I've been using it a decent amount and it's done what I need it to do.
Though when the checkbook allows I will be getting separate brand name machines. If I had to pay full price, I probably would have never bought it. Again, it does what I need it to do with no issues and I'm happy with it.


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I sent a PM to Haycock... but in case anyone else is interested... I can put you in contact with a private party who has some used welders for sale.

He is a authorized service tech.. for Miller, Lincoln, Esab, Hypertherm... etc.. Has been doing repairs for over 25 yrs.

Contact me for more info.


I have been researching these everlast welders and ended up on this thread. I am sure they have updated models since this thread started and I am wonder if there are any personal reviews for them.

I found this article which tells the difference between Everlast welders models:

After reading that I think I want to purchase the PowerTig 250. Anyone have reviews for this model or recommend me another brand?

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To echo what others have said on this thread, I would stick with a band name welder. I have had 2 Miller tig welders and a Lincoln tig machine and they all provided me with years of trouble free service, and I'm talking used everyday for several hours. I recently sold the Lincoln to make room in my shop but the thing had upwards of 15,000 hours on it and it still welded like a champ, it was 23 years old and had never been in for service. A friend of mine has a ESAB welder and it too has been a rock solid machine.

I'm afraid in welders much as life you get what you pay for.
I have had my everlast power tig 250 ex for going on 4 years now and the only problem I had was the torch is big and bulky and the pedal is junk within a month, with that said I bought an aftermarket pedal from ssc controls and it works great! Best $1500 I ever spent