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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Race Radios


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Thanks, and yes, Got confused on what i was looking for. This would be going into a class 11 bug, so i dont think it will be quite. The the i am looking has the dual volume. I now get that you use the push to talk to talk to pits, and vox or open for in car talking.
Thanks for clearing that up some.
Do you have a preference in what intercom setup you use? I know it seems the top two are PCI and Rugged. I Tried to find a comparison of each pci intercom but wasnt able to.

It think you're confusing two different things. Vox is a voice activated switch. When you talk loud enough, it opens the mic automatically...the advantage being that you aren't hearing static or sidetone when you're not talking. I don't know of too many intercoms that use a push to talk just for talking back and forth in the cockpit. The Push to Talk is for transmitting on the radio.

Vox is nice if you have a quiet car like a prerunner that gets driven down the highway, so you can have some quiet when not talking. For racing I pretty much want the mic open all the time, which you can do simply by opening up the vox squelch all the way. The downside to most vox intercoms as compared to a race intercom is that they usually only have one volume knob for both racers, whereas a race setup lets each occupant adjust the volume separately. Especially handy when one guy's helmet kit is louder than the other guy's, or if one guy is wearing earbuds while the other guy isn't....that sort of thing.


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I've had good service from both companies. If you already have a radio I'd go with whichever company supports that model for the intercom.