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Enviros´ Boomerang Boomerangs With ANWR Vote
John L. Perry
Friday, Aug. 24, 2001

Leftist environmentalists are accustomed to hurling invectives at opponents, with resulting increased membership – and contributions. Uh-oh, now those tactics are coming back to bonk them.
The latest cigar to blow up in their faces was the unheralded vote in the House of Representatives 223-206 in favor of President Bush´s proposal to drill for oil in a small section of Alaska´s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (2,000 acres out of 19 million).
Environmental action groups – radical greens and other assorted tunnel-vision allies of the Democratic Party – had been confident they could trounce Bush on this one.

Their strategy was to rely on, well, just about all House Democrats, with enough backsliding Republicans to rub it in.

Crying Wolf in the Wilderness

Resorting to tried-and-true scare messages, group after left-wing group had set out to ravage Bush´s political environment. Their favored means: direct mail and attack ads on television and radio.

In the past, this had served them well. During the Republican administration of Ronald Reagan, whom the environmentalists loved to hate, their strident assaults resulted in significant spurts in their membership rolls and bank accounts.

During Reagan´s first term alone, the Sierra Club´s membership was more than doubled – to 364,000 from 181,000.

Throughout the eight years of the Clinton-Gore administration, on through the Bush-Gore presidential race and into the beginning months of the Bush-Cheney administration, the attacks persisted, with customary membership and fund-raising results.

Truth Catching Up With Propaganda

Then a few weeks ago, something strange begin to take place.

There was no scientific way of measuring it, but political observers who were willing to observe could smell it in the wind. The American people were getting fed up with the same, old, hackneyed environmentalist party line.

Polls kept indicating most Americans do, indeed, hold the environment dear. After all, who´s in favor of dirtying up the planet Earth more than it´s already been defiled over the decades?

What was new, though, was a growing public revulsion at the gross exaggerations – some people would go so far as to call them outright lies – of the environmental extremists.

The tide began to turn on the issue of ANWR drilling.

Polls asking whether respondents favored exploring for oil in the Alaskan wildlife reserve got what might have been expected – mostly "no."

Putting the Question Differently

What wasn´t being asked was whether people wanted no drilling there even if it might mean less available oil, long lines at the gas pumps and higher energy costs.

Environmentalists rushed right past that important distinction as they flooded mail boxes, radio receivers and TV sets with their anti-drilling campaign.

The picture they painted was vivid and unambiguous: that stretch of the Alaskan northernmost landscape was nothing short of "a cathedral," with polar bears, caribou calves and soaring eagles being destroyed en masse.

Only one thing wrong with the campaign: It didn´t work.

Not only did it not work, it boomeranged, big-time.

The surprising adverse House vote was – no pun intended – only the tip of the iceberg of reaction against the environmentalists.

The Buzz From the Bee

The Sacramento Bee, which is part of a chain that owns a major newspaper in Alaska and likes to keep its eye on what´s going up there, did a rather exhaustive survey and report on the sorry state of the environmentalists´ public relations.

Here´s only some of what the Bee published recently:

Strange political bedfellows were popping up all over.
Take Jim Clyburn, a Democratic congressman from South Carolina with what can be described only as a pro-environment voting record – until now, at least.

He came down on the side of Bush on the ANWR-drilling vote.

How come?

An energy trade journal quoted Clyburn as saying the environmentalists´ rhetoric "has been an insult to us."

"A lot of us" – he was talking about Democrats here – "don´t feel obligated to be purists on this issue."


But Wait, There´s More

His defection to the Republican side had to have jerked a knot in the tail of the party that has relied so heavily on environmentalists for its support.

For Clyburn is none other than chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, of which there is no harder-core of the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill.

Right there with Clyburn was the GOP chairman of the House Resources Committee, James V. Hansen of Utah, about as far away from Clyburn´s Democratic precincts in South Carolina, or northern Alaska, as it gets.
He reported seeing members on both sides of the aisle turned off by the environmentalists´ excesses.

"They were talking about this ´cathedral,´ the last pristine place on Earth," Hansen said.

"I´ve been there twice. It´s frozen tundra."

´I Couldn´t Believe the Lies´

That sentiment was echoed by Mark Buckley, a commercial fisherman who happens also to be a member in Kodiak of the National Audubon Society, whose view on ANWR drilling he opposes.
"How many times can you cry wolf and have your audience still believe in you?" he asked of the environmentalists.

"We were told over and over again the caribou would be devastated by oil development at Prudhoe Bay" east of ANWR.

"I watched the pipeline go up, and I watched the caribou running underneath it.

"They weren´t freaked out at all. They used the buildings to shelter themselves from the wind.

"I started out being a firm believer" in the environmentalists´ line. "After three years on the pipeline, my faith was greatly shaken. I couldn´t believe the lies they played."

A Copiousness of Caribou

Matthew Cronin, a senior biologist with LGL Alaska Research Associates, along with two associates published a report about the Prudhoe Bay area in a scientific journal, the Wildlife Society Bulletin, that found the number of caribou had increased to 27,000 from 5,000 since oil-field development began.

What of polar bears, which environmentalists, such as Defenders of Wildlife, would have you believe face extinction if there is ANWR drilling?
Steven Amstrup, the lead polar-bear scientist in Alaska for the United States Geological Survey, said environmentalist groups have been busily distorting research data.

"What should be a campaign of information and truth has become a campaign of misinformation and rhetoric," he said.

´Vast, Polluted Oil Field´

For example, the National Resources Defense Council has stated that "if the oil industry has its way, this extraordinary wildlife nursery may soon be turned into a vast, polluted oil field."

And Defenders of Wildlife warned that polar bears "are especially sensitive to human activity and will often abandon their dens if disturbed."

"Noise from drilling and other activities causes polar-bear mothers to abandon defenseless cubs to starvation and deadly cold – a certain death."

To which Amstrup, whose specialty is studying polar bears, responded:

"Polar bears in dens appear to be fairly resilient to human activities. One study found you basically had to be right on top of a den in order for noise or vibration to be much greater than normal ambient noise from the wind."

How Many Bears Would That Be?

But Defenders of Wildlife´s fund-raising solicitation keeps right on:

"The arrival of humans also brings housing and garbage dumps, which attract bears and inevitably lead to human-bear conflicts that often end with a bear being shot."

Amstrup rebutted that by saying he knew of but one shooting of a polar bear in Alaska in 30 years – and that was in no way related to oil-field development.

Citing such wild claims by environmentalists, Amstrup said, "I´ve been very angered by what I´ve seen."

Judging by the boomerang vote in the House of Representatives, he´s not exactly alone out there on an ice floe.

John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is senior editor for NewsMax.com.

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I think that the masses are finally getting tired of these psychos. After the antics of these extremists in Seattle and in Spain this year, people are finally beginning to
see what kind of simple minded idiots they really are. I hope this is a continuing trend and the pendulum swings more to moderate side.

send more money, guns and lawyers


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that was great - thanks for sharing randy - Oh BTW - when I saw Jim from CORVA at a recent ASA meeting I told him that you and Wayne are very active on these boards and are doing a lot to help the sport - since he is incharge of you guys, he smiled and said he was going to e-mail you or something =-)

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Thanks, Paige, appreciate that. I mentioned this board and your name to Jim at the Protest Rallye in Idyllwild, and he knew of this board, said you were very involved and I agreed with that :)

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