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Need help on a setup which would be best or what would you do?

Im running dual pipes trying to figure out the best termination route
*either deciding on running the duals into a Y (2-2 1/2" to 1-3") and running a single chamber flowmaster with a turndown before the rear axle


*running 2 single chamber flowmasters parallel with 2 turn downs before the axle.


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What size motor and what mods are done to it?

If its mild, id run 2 or 2.25" from the manifolds\headers into a Y with 3" piping after that.

If its built you could go duals.

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Its a vortec 5.7L rated at 255hp 325tq stock. I have headers on it now with 2 cats (1 per pipe) and 3 o2 sensors so I cant mess with piping. Just want to figure out the best way for it to terminate out of those two options.

Smog wont matter in the future because its going to be desert only but for now I need something.


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A turn down like that will raise dust and resonate if you have a near full bedfloor. I'd kick it out to the side somewhere.
MISF ran 2.0 duals on a truck (302 Ford), thru two mufflers, then Y'd them together into a single 3.0 and poked the end thru the body panel just forward of the right rear tire. Sounded great, wasn't too loud unless you used the pedal on the right pretty hard.


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I just measured my pipes and they are 2". Does anyone know if they make 2" to 3" Y's? If not I could always make one.