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explorer glass


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Anyone know if someone makes glass fenders for a 2000 model explorer?
What about a decent suspension for the 4x4 model?


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Perry's Fab-n-fiberv for glass and suspention is one.
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.perrysfabnfiber.com>http://www.perrysfabnfiber.com</A>

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I don't know if McNeil will do the a-arm Explorers. However - the RCD coilover lift for '98-'01 Rangers would fit with a little work. Shoot a PM to sirhk100 about that - he works there.

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I forgot to mention! Go to www.explorerforum.com and register there if you aren't already a member! Great site for Explorer owners. I'm there, posting under the same name, sirhk100 (mentioned above) is also there under the same name.

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Perry McNeil definately has glass to fit your Explorer. As for suspension what price range are you thinking. You could get something totally custom and hand fabbed for thousands. I think Pro Comp makes a lift consisting of drop brackets and spindals that'll look nice and ride good on the road. I don't know much about the offroad handling. RCD will be releasing a bolt on coilover setup for 4WD rangers that may bolt on directly or require just a little modification on stray from the directions. This kit will use drop brackets for the lower A-Arm mount, aftermarket spindals, and a coilover bolted to a bolt in upper hoop. It's still in development stages so I don't know price range yet or really how it performs but once it gets past development and into 1st run production stages and full production runs, I'll know A LOT about it cause I'm the person that'll be organizing all the info in order to get the parts manufactured and put together into kits. I think a release date will be March/April time frame but don't quote me on that. If you're interested in more details, let me know and I'll see what I can find out.

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www.offroadrangers.com We have a ton of pics of the RCD setup on the 4wd ranger, its in the link on the main page to the offroad expo pics. RCD is recieving tons of calls just due to all the pics we took. The pics then spread to f150forums and the explorerforum.com, we have an updated thread on the kit in the link below.


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