The offroad expo in Pomona has sold all of its vendor spaces !
Close to 200 vendors are listed in the Exhibitor list.

I can't wait to visit this years show. October 6th and 7th.

See: <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.offroadexpo.com>www.offroadexpo.com</A> floorplan.


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I saw Paige wrote a nice little article for the Expo in the latest "Off Roaders in Action" CORVA newsletter. Nice job Paige. Are you going to have a regular column? Sounds like this years Expo is gonna be too cool.

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Thanks - Not sure if I'll have a regular gig with CORVA or not - but Erin is nice enough to publish my stuff from time to time =-)

Hope to see everyone at the expo and the clean up ( hint, hint...) =-)

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Expo me in. Its was cool last year. Las Pendejos rocked with all the favorite 80's rock. It can only get better.


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Ive had it on my calendar for 6 months.