Exporer trans rebuild


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Question for folks in the I.E.- My neighbor has a '91 Ford Exporer that, unfortunately, she has had nothing but troubles with since she got it 3 years ago. Replaced the flywheel twice, had the trans rebuilt once, etc... It is a 4.0 with an automatic, 4x4. Well, the trans has taken a dump again and she has been told she needs a rebuilt put in for 2500 bucks. I drove it and it has 1st and 2nd, but 3rd and OD are slipping like crazy.
Anyway, I want to know if the price is high or right on. If she is getting the lube job I think she is, where can she take the thing to get a good rebuild without the vaseline? She is in Big Bear, but I told her I would be willing to tow the thing down teh hill for her if it will make sense to get it fixed. The mechanic who quoted her 2500 bucks says he will buy the whole car off her if she wants to get rid of it, so I figured it can be done cheaper.
Thanks for the help.


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it has the a4ld, calls brian at transwerks. alot of people on our forum have been using him for shift kit installs and full on race transmission builds and there have been 0 complaints and everyone recommends him. as for $2500, i know he can do a full race build on the a4ld with a reverse manual valve body bla bla bla for around $1500. he says this rebuild will make it as strong as a c4, which is pretty damn good for that crappy light duty transmission.


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Ken Mogi in Riverside also does stock transmissions besides the race stuff. I've had him do several stock application trannies and they were cheap and reliable. They even did the R&R. (909) 688-1905



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I had my transmission built by TransPros in Berdoo. The went through and duplicted the transmission that some of the guys are racing MDR with and I havn't had a problem with it. Can't say that for the rest of the Exploder but it's almost ready to rock again!!!