EXSTA Advanced Hydration Drink

Sep 13, 2009
Coronado, CA
I finally signed up with RDC and I'm posting some of my info. My name is Wes and I own EXSTA Beverage Company. We produce EXSTA Advanced Hydration Drink. EXSTA is an awesome new powdered sports drink that has Antioxidants, Vitamins, Electrolytes, and Amino Acids. It's an All Natural sports drink made with Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar and Stevia. It only has 25 calories, 6g of sugar, and 6 carbs. EXSTA is the best solution for healthy rehydration no matter what do however our focus is the action sport industry. Our company focus is to make EXSTA the official sports drink of the action sports industry by 2011!

We launched about a year ago from our HQ in Coronado, CA. Since our launch we have been working intensely with the NSW Community, Offroad Racers, and various endurance athletes. Our company and it's employee's love the desert racing and its community. We've had the opportunity build a great relationship with Josh Hall and Rod Hall Racing and we're looking forward the rest of the 2009 season on into 2010. In 2010 with will be expanding our product line and our contingency efforts throughout the off road community and look forward to staying up to date through RDC and its members!

See ya at the Races!


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