Extended warranty experiences:

Lee Vining

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I hit a berm with my Rzr turbo and it folded up and Taco'd like a $9 Walmart beach chair.
It was a slow roller kinda sand berm, should have been nothing was the consensus amongst us all,, but the front suspension grenaded and there I was dead in the sand.

I'll be damned, the extended warranty paid for the full repair. I was expecting to shell out the bank but the dealer gave it a shot and not only was it covered, but they used heavier duty suspension parts and I just paid the "embellishment" difference. About $90.

Ordered a 2020 GMC Dually back in Aug,, of 2019 and with the GM strike, the holiday shut down and the Covid break I just recently took delivery.

GM has gone back to the 100.000 mile Dmax and drive train warranty and they wanted about $3K more to bring the remaining warranty up to 100K miles too. Not negotiable. I didn't buy it but have 3 years and 36K miles to decide.

Didn't get it on our 2015 we traded in. They wanted $2800 back then, non negotiable. With almost 100.000 miles on the 2015 the warranty expired with time. The only out of pocket repairs were the lane departure seat vibrator $175, turbocharger plenum tube $275, and front headlight bulbs $175, installed. I was money ahead.

The Dmax GMC's really hold their value.
Trade in was almost $50K, they knocked almost $10K off the new truck and threw in a $3500 rebate. They are in high demand now and if that deal wasn't inked back in Aug '19, NFW they'd give that deal to me today.

The 2020 3500 Dmax 10 speed has way more power across the band with the 10% increase over the 2015 than you'd expect. Way more. Especially low end and passing.
If it's reliable over the first 36K miles then we'll skip the extended warranty.


Lee Vining

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New to the dunes Australian friend Kurtis hit a mild witch eye and taco'd his passenger side suspension at the North Pole, Dumont Dunes.
We cranked up the suspension with tie down straps and friend Fernando drove it back to camp for him. We forgot to spin up the driver side shocks springs so hold that thought and do that if this happens to you.

Curtis made in into Vegas the next morning, found all the parts he needed and dumb luck in matching colors and by noon the next day was back on the dunes.

It's usually not as bad as it looks, but I have seen the same situation where it took out most the Tupperware. Damfino why, but it sometimes does.

I shot this hand holding my iPhone:



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Nice. Most dealers try and wiggle their way out. Have hard the hardest time proving to a dealer that this is a covered repair.

Lee Vining

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Our 2020 GMC is on its second attempt to cure the particulate system issues.

I knew I was in for a ride when they didn’t want to give me a work ticket/receipt the first attempt.

Always a red flag that it’s a common problem and they are preventing you from collecting the paper trail you need for a lemon law claim.

Our Predator 3500 committed Hari Kari this trip too.
Harbor Freights are in short supply of replacement-under-warranty 3500s.