Extreme Machines on TLC tonight


It might be a repeat but I saw some previews of old school Trophy Trucks and other stuff on there. Tune in at 8:00pm!


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Actually it's been repeated quite a few time over last four years but it's still cool to watch. "Big Mac", "Little Mac", etc.


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I like how they referred to the Big Mac truck as the winningest truck in Desert Racing history. LOL

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Or how they kept referring to Big Mac stat's and showing Little Mac footage (or vice versa). oh well, it's still cool to see! Any footage is good footage these days! But the Insane Jeeps on steriods with Nitrous that climb lava rock mountains are friggen insane!


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Supposedly they are going to be trying to do those same jeeps in america somewhere. If I remember correctly they were in iceland. They were way sick and they would snap off a wheel and have another ready in minutes, pretty cool.


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I loved watching them fly across the water like some of the guys do on their motorcycles!

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yea i saw that last night, it has been repeated a bunch of times, but it is still cool to see the trophy trucks and stuff on tv

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