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Harbor Freight is always having a sale on them. They have a 9'x9' and an 8'x12. They are the ones with the fiberglass poles that hold up the nylon top. The sell the 9x9 for $119.00 and the 8x12 for $139.00.


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Costco, OR right off the 91? Is the EZUP factory store. Also Wal-Mart

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.ezup.com/retail.htm>http://www.ezup.com/retail.htm</A>

John Bitting

I saw the one at Costco but the top of it is White. Do you think that it would be hotter under it then say the blue color? The white will let a lot more light pass thru.


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My parents have the white one from Costco. It's not as nice as the "EZ-UP" canopies. It doesn't collapse as small and you have to take the top off. Also, the white color gets dirty fast.

Gabe Lara

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Wait until the Antique and Custom Auto show in Pomona, if you can.
They'll have the mfg. out there, and you can get the GOOD genuine EZ-Ups 10x10's for $160 bucks.
Blue tops (a bit cooler) for $180.


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I would be carefull of some of those "costco" models
I recently bought a product called "quick shade" from California car cover
company in Chatsworth CA, its the same quality as a $600.00 easy up
they sell for under $200.00
if you need info of a phone # , i can look it up
when i get home tonight


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The ones at Costco I saw were green in color and were real EZ-UP brand. Unfortunately, It been my observation that each Costco carries something diffrent and if you dont buy it when you see it, its usually gone when you go back.


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I have also bought one of the Quick Shade models after owning a EZ up and will nover go back. The Quick shade is way less money and equal if not better in quality. A new top for the quickshade is only $ 40 and a new top for an ez up in over 100. The only problem i had with my quickshade is the storage bag was a piece of [censored]. I had Mastercraft sew me a new bag and the problem was solved.I bought mine at Dixieline in San Diego. It is a weekender model 10x10 and cost about $170.
good luck, mike


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Ditto on what NACHO, I mean Gabe, said. Go for the real thing. Their (E-Z UP) warehouse where they assemble them used to be at the 10 & 15 freeways off the 10 at Etawanda and they would sell to the public if you “shmooosed” them a little. That was a few years ago though.

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The factory is on Iowa in Riverside ( about a block from K&N) but thier "outlet" is off the LA Caneda exit in Colton. If you go there you can get some killer deals.



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the ex up factory reject store off the 215(la cadena) has some smoking deals if you aren't too picky on colors. they usually only have green or blue tops. and every once in a while the factory has a big blow out where you can get replacement parts(tops) for cheap. my last 10x10 was 80 bucks at the factory outlet.

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The pic that John just posted is of my contingency display.

The canopy is a 10 x 20 Quick Cover Canopy. They are based in Riverside, not far from the EZ-Up outlet store.

The main differences are taller valance or skirt areas and chrome plated frame (versus powder coated from EZ-Up).

I am more than pleased/satisfied with the quality and construction of the canopy, and with everything pictured, I saved almost $600 by going with Quick Cover Canopy over EZ-Up!

I plan on getting additional canopies from them in the near future.