F-150 Crew Cab In Latest Off-Road Mag.


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Did anyone else read the article in this months Off-Road Magazine, about the Fabtech F-150 Crew Cab that was coil-overed and 4 Linked? The article states 19inches of front travel and 29 in the rear. What? I put on one of their long-travel kits and it stroked a little over 5 inches from bump to bump, but this is without the coil-over. But I don't see how they squeezed 14 more inches out of it. It seemed more of a "Wide Track" instead "Long Travel". And the rear is supposed to cycle 29 with a reverse Y-Link with stock framerails. Is it me or does this not sound right. The kit does look good but how do they measure their travel. Are they totalling both sides up? I'm ready to be educated.

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Remember when factoring wheel travel, blue paint adds 6-7 inches and fabtech stickers add another 3. So is it possible Steve that you powdercoated the kit and removed the stickers before cycling it. That would make sense, since you only cycled 5 inches. I am going to powdercoat my deavers blue. Can anyone say 25" travel yeehaawwww....


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dont forget to put on of our new leave it to deaver stickers on, we have tested them to add 4-5" of wheel travel



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No [censored] John, that's totally funny as hell. I don't believe wheel travel specs until I see it on a tape measure !!!!!!!!!!!


After a long well deserved break from posting... I just had to jump into this one. :)

I've seen that truck up close and in person before. I think most of you know I am in NO WAY affiliated with Fabtech or Aggressive Suspension... so when I say that I think those numbers are possible, it's with great reserve in doing so. I've looked at the front end setup on that truck, and while I know I could tear the entire thing apart in 15 minutes of late night Glamis fun, I do suspect the suspension would cycle NEAR what they claim up front... The rear travel numbers could probably be figured out just by looking at shock mounting points on the trailing arms. Geometry class will give you approximate numbers. I don't really like that truck because it's another truck that looks cool but wouldn't last too long with me driving it.

That truck has been at most of the shows where Fabtech was an exhibitor - stop by sometime and take a look at it. The whole bolt on idea is kinda funky, the suspension is waiting to rip itself free from the chassis, and the suspension travel mismatch is probably great fun to drive, but other than that...

Oh yeah, what do you want from the sales leader in bolt-on look good goodies - performance?

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There is no way on gods green earth that that truck cycles anywere near 19" of travel up front as far as the rear i think he's getting around 20", but like john said that blue paint does add alot of travel......


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Last night me and steve found out why the fabtech kit we installed only cycled 5.5 in. and not 19" its cause our customer had the blue powder coated removed and instead powder coated grey,good call on color change but wow who would of thought that what john said about the color blue adding wheel travel would actually be true.....