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F-150 Fiberglass


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I have a 95 F-150 with Glassworks front fenders. I need to get wider fenders because I put Camburgs Extended beams on and my tires stick out past these fenders. I am looking for pics of trucks that have other types of glass. I know Hannemanns and Autofab make glass for my truck, but I have not seen them. Could anyone please post pics of their fenders and any info? Thanks!


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Try Trailer Products... <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.fiberglass1.com/>http://www.fiberglass1.com/</A>

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why not update to a '98-01 frontend? glassworks makes really wide fenders for this body style.
here is a photo.


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Update? Nice idea but to much work and $$$. I know Tim from glassworks and those fenders are very nice and his truck is as well. He just got the new H&M kit put on. So watch out if you live in H.B.

I checked out the fiberglass1 web page and it looks like I may get them from him. But one more question, is the glass real thin race glass, will it stand up to every day driving? I dont mind dzeus tabing them, just wondering how strong they will be.


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It has been my experience with Trailer Products, that if you indicate to them that the glass is for a daily-driven street truck, that they will make sure the glass is layered a little thicker.

Be sure to let them know that at the time you place your order.

My friend EJ has their glass on his white '92 Blazer, and they put additional "structure" under the fiberglass hood skin to keep it from flapping up and down so much. The fenders were also made thicker.

Good Luck!



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Check with perry mcneil, I have 5" flares front and back on my ranger and its some thick glass. I am not sure what flare the f-150s come in but it sounds like what you are looking for.



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I have the same beams with the Ashley Glass and they do stick out past the fenders. Check Autofab and look for the Scoop Vessels Glass, it bulges out another inch and a half or so more than the Ashley Glass.

Jerry Zaiden

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They only stick out at ride height. But they will not hit at full compression.