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F-150 suspension ???


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I have a 94 F150 2wd.with a 4" susp.lift
it's got ext.radious arms and bent kingpinI-beams I'm thinking in getting coil buckets and shocks
I'll like to get 16-18" of travel. It's this possible with my beams? they are not extended,
what shocks should I use? for a fullside 2,2.5,3"Kings,Fox,Racerunners?whats a good set up
Can anybody give me some ideas on what else will I need like brake hoses,etc.,any recommendations will be greatly appreciated,anybody knows a good fabricator in San Diego area?whats a decent prize for buckets,shocks,extras&installation.
All I want is a solid truck,mostly street,a little chasing & prerruning on selected races,
jumping it's not my thing but if Ihave to punchit
or go Thru hell to get out of some where I want
the peace of mind to know that I got the truck
thats going to get me home.
For now the front susp. the rear will come down the road. Any advised will be aprecciated.


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I would say $1500 is a good starting price for shocks, buckets, and installation and 15" of travel. If you have not already replaced your brake lines then you should do that for sure. 16-18" inches may be pushing it, but if you are willing to spend money it's possible. I know people on here have mentioned a few fab shops in your area so you should be able to find one w/o problems. Check out Camburgs F 150 kits.


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I think you would get about 16 max with some custom buckets and shock. Most f-150's are running 3.0 but you could probably get away with 2.5's(if you arent gonna do coilovers). Camburg has a good kit. You will need cams (probably already have.), steel brake lines and bumpstops and limit straps, pitman arm for steering. If you do a set up like you say you should get some custom beans not far down the road. Any of those shocks are good, but saws are a little cheeper. h&m and perry mcneil are both down by you and both are awsome shops.



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Re: SS brake hoses, was: F-150 suspension ???

On the brake line topic; Wilwood has -3 swaged hose end lines listed in their catalog for ~$15 ea. They come in a number of different hose end configurations and are all 18" long. Haven't priced out what making up hoses from parts would cost in a while. Maybe these will save people some $$$ and aggrevation (& punctured fingers too).


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Re: SS brake hoses, was: F-150 suspension ???

Thanks for all the info guys,it really helped make up my mind


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Re: SS brake hoses, was: F-150 suspension ???

Talk to John at Autofab in Santee, just make sure not to mention any competitor companies to him. He gets pissed off cause he thinks everyone stole from him since he's been doing it so long. He's pricey but his stuff is awesome!!

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Re: SS brake hoses, was: F-150 suspension ???

I've been checking around and everybody have great ideas and quality,I think I might go Camburg since I really liked a truck that I saw on the street with a Camburg kit,it had a great finish and it really looked good,they said it goes 15-16"WT and the price is right +-2000 not bad I think.
Thanks guys for the ideas
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