F-150 Suspension


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My truck is a 1986 F-150 4x4 with a 4" lift, custom radius arms, and 35" BFG mud terrains. I am looking for the best place to go to redo the suspension with coilovers, bent traction beams, and heimed radius arms. As always, price is the big factor here, I am hoping to get it done for under $4k. Any help about fab shops or tech info would be greatly appreciated.


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Over at Camburg Jason is building up his 4x4 explorer that thing is pissed but cost way more that 4k, I dont know there prices but it wouldnt hurt to give them a call (714)848-8880....Good luck

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For under 4 grand you might just have to build it yourself. The front on my 2wd ranger costs me almost 5 grand. Including bumpstops, widened beams and arms on heims, 2.5 saw coilovers, cage and air intake ect. Your truck is an f-150 and you will probably want some 3" shocks and those springs really get expensive and the cost of keepin the 4wd intacted ouch.. I would suggest keepin on eye on the for sale and getting your parts that way. Somebody recently had some f150 4wd beams for pretty cheap. It always seem that stuff cost way more in this sport than we may want to spend. I'm learning to weld and build my own truck and that may be something to think about doing.Good Luck!!!Do a lot of research.....



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Hey Dude, Jerry and the guys over @ Camburg did my Lightning. Go to there site and check it out.. Its more $$$$$ than 4 Grand though, Trust Me.... www.camburg.com</A>