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F1 2019


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And bringing back refueling so cars will be built different and not be as cookie cutter.

What will be up for debate is ground effect vs wings. If they allow ground effects back they will definitely get rid or seriously scale back wing size.

The sad thing about that is, the first accident caused by a vehicle apexing a curb and loosing vacuum, it will crash. Then the knee jerk reaction by the GPDA etc will call for the elimination of ground effects and there will be no wings so the cars will slow waaaay down.

Oh wait, we already went through that care of Max Mosley and Mr stewert... I mean sir stewert.

I wish they would allow 145 L per race, and you have open rules for the engine. No hybrid. Allow refueling. No traction control or electronic suspension, and build a box around a certain size and say unlimited aero in those boxes. Minimum weight including driver.