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f1 on espn3

brad inch

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i found you sign up at watchespn.i can watch on my 17inch laptop but not my 64inch tv ,fing dumb,i guess this is what we have to look forward to,great!


Baja Bobsled Team
That is dumb. Liberty Media is a US company and they dumped the good announcers and now have practice on the web. Come on!


Baja Bobsled Team
Euros. We will likely get the Sky Sports broadcast.
  • Martin Brundle - regarded by many as the Voice of Formula 1. A star in F1 and sports cars; became a broadcaster in 1997.
  • Damon Hill - Formula 1 World Champion in 1996, son of former World Champion Graham Hill.
  • Johnny Herbert - raced 11 years in F1, three-time grand prix winner.
  • Paul di Resta - veteran of 58 F1 races, Williams reserve driver last year and competed at the Hungarian GP.
  • Anthony Davidson - Mercedes No. 1 Sim (simulator) driver and works with engineers to test the design and performance of the cars.
As much as I will miss the NBCSN commentators, these guys don't suck...IMO.


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I jumped ahead on my Direct TV guide to the time slots for Melbourne and no F1 listed. I hope I don't miss it. I need to change all my DVR settings. And maybe get my laptop connected to the TV.