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F100 I-Beam Help


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Hello I am currently building an 1967 F100 and need help on beam choice. I would like equal length beams and nothing crazy wide. Any suggestions??

Mark Newhan

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That truck has equal length beams. Talk to John at Autofab. He has a good supply of i beams and know what to do with them.

I see you tagged Autofab,


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The factory beams are 7/8 kingpin on that truck, which is fine for a light duty prerunner.

If you are hard on equipment upgrading to 1" kingpin may be a good idea.

Both beams would need to be bent for alignment at a higher ride height (Autofab does this) and possibly plated to reinforce them depending on use.

Don't let the looks of the beams make you think they are weak.... they are surprisingly strong.