F9 is Back


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Formulanine is back online. The homepage has been updated. I will be updating the rest of the site over the next few days and weeks. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. If anyone has any technical articles and/or pictures of Class 9 related stuff, please e-mail me.
Thanks for your patience.
F9 - Mike Hinson


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Looks good Mike!
One thing, that CORDR banner doesn't go to the right place. It looks like they changed their web address to: <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.dirt.net/cordr/Display.cfm>http://www.dirt.net/cordr/Display.cfm</A>

Great pix!

BTW: When's the last time the Walters DIDN'T win?!!!

Happy motoring, Tim


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Thanks for the heads up. CORDR link has been fixed on Formulanine.com.

As far as the Walters are concerned, they are a class act. I wish they would send me an article on their race prep technique.



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Glad to see it back!!!
Would like to see more post race stories!!!
How each car did. What the problems were etc.
Any and all "9" pictures are always nice to see.
Maybe get a rep from each race org. (SNORE, MDR, CODE, BORE, WIPLASH, etc.) to send you stories and pictures.

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