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I am sort of new to the sport of off-roading and have come to the realization it is hard to get into unless your dad or other family member raced and your learned fabbing from them. I was not that fortunate, but I am interesting in building a prerunner and eventually a truck to race mdr. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to learn-classes, videos? I also am interested in working at a race shop,how do I get started? By the way I currently have a 94 ranger extended-cab and have started collecting things for it. I also have been taking welding classes at fullerton and purchased a lincoln 200-mig a few months ago. But I need to learn how to set up the suspension and build a cage. Any comments would be great.

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The best thing to do is hookup with a race team and start out by helping them pit and prep the truck. As things are replaced and rebuilt you will start to learn more and more. That is the easiest way. You could also 'volunteer' at a shop, help out on the weekends. One thing I would highly suggest against. Dont be a shop rental and just happen to go to a fabshop everyday and hang out for 3 hours. It is the last thing a fabricator wants. I dont know one in OC or San Diego that has the time to bullshiat for more then a few minutes. But I would start with a team... Hope this helps


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That is great advice there John. That is exactly how I got started!!! Race teams always need help....



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Come out to the next MDR race and look for Jeepspeed. Lots of new blood there.


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I was looking more toward what resources I could use at home as I build a in-cab and rear cage for my truck and changing to a wider rear end. Things like best place to mount shocks, installing rear springs and making shackles, mounting buckets. Is there anything that can help or somewhere to learn. Thanks for all the responses, but its a little hard for me to make ti to any races right now. Hope to go to the stateline race coming up if some friends go. thanks..........P.S I checked a few books recommended a couple weeks back on a post but they didnt really seem to help that much.


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Even if it is hard for you to go to the races, the race teams need a lot of help back at home! You will have a hard time finding a book with the kind of info you are looking for. When I started in high school, I helped a team out for a year before I made it to a race, and learned a lot about the truck and how to work on it. The classes at Fullerton are a good thing, I did the same thing at Saddleback Community. I also worked at my step-fathers shop, Custom Motors in Costa Mesa, and learned a lot from the other mechanics. You don't always have to start at a fab shop. It sounds as if you are ready to know everything right now, but you have to start some where, and that may take a little time. Hope this helps.

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