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my names Tyler i am 18 years old about to graduate high school and am really interested in fabrication in the off road industry as well as fabrication on cars in general. I have been riding since i was 3 and have been in the off-road atmosphere majority of my life. I was looking into fab schools but didn't know any specific schools that are in Arizona, Something very similar to "The Fab School" in riverside. I would like to get my foot in the door and learn, Just don't know where to start. and don't want to end up at some random little school and not find a job after. I know that can happen anywhere i just want a school that is well known and can get me different connections in the industry. Another question i have is which is a better route university or just fabrication school Would it be worth getting a degree before going into fabrication? i don't know where to start. And yes the university has fabrication classes but not anything to do with the off roading. I don't know which route to take. Let me know your opinion.

J Burleson

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My advice is to either go to university and get a degree in something you are interested in, take the fab classes, and maybe find a part time job at a local shop sweeping floors. Or just go get a full time job at a shop sweeping floors. This is "fab school". Don't waste your time or money on "legit" fab school. You will not learn how to build off road cars in a year or whatever it is. You might learn the basics but it takes a lot of time to be a well rounded fabricator. Might as well get paid to learn. My other recommendation regardless of what route you take, is to rent a small shop, live in it, collect tools, and practice your craft round the clock. The 2 years I lived my shop were the most productive, educational years I've had


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I would recommend finding a job in a shop and going to school in your off time. If you go to school for anything it should be for welding. . .you can learn a LOT more in a year or two at welding school than you can learn in 10 years struggling on your own. . .

. . .I came out of welding school (a year and a half. . .I doubled up on lab time and took 18+ credit hours a semester) as a better welder than most of my friends who had been welding on their own for 5+ years and I had ZERO experience welding prior to that. . .I had never even touched a welder before!

Learning the technical aspect of why you are doing what you are doing and why you are adjusting the settings on the machine goes a LONG way in making you a better welder!

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We were all in different situations at home at 18yrs old with money and how parents are. But, I would go to school, get a degree or go to welding school and get that down 100%. If you can, work in a shop part time just like J. Burleson said. I'm not a dedicated full time fabricator, I go to school full time taking 18 credits a semester majoring in public health and work as an industrial hygiene technician. In my down time, my brother and I do all sorts of metal work for family, friends, neighbors and whoever else calls and wants stuff done Fencing, shade structures, railings, trailer work, truck bumpers, wake board towers and whatever else we come across. We use that money we make off that side job to add to the collection of tools. I have no professional training from anyone, just had the desire to blaze metal and thought myself. If you can, start picking up mild fab jobs on weekends. If you want it bad enough, you can't be stopped.

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Those fab schools as well as a large number of the off road fab shops went out of business when the economy crashed. Look around, the racing world is nothing like it was before 08 and it's not coming back anytime soon.
Go to school, learn, get a job that has a real future, pays real money, benefits, retirement.
My 2 cents from someone who's been in the racing industry for 40 years.

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Monte, The Fab School is alive and well. From what I have seen if a student wants to apply them selves they can come out of there with a future. Troy and crew really do know there stuff.