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Join us THIS Saturday for Open House 10am-3pm. Fabrication and Car show, music with 96-7 KCAL Rocks!, lunch by Chick-fil-a , campus tour while mingling with industry professionals. Win fun giveaways while your here.

If you haven't seen our campus this is the perfect chance to get an inside look at what the next generation of fabricators are learning while hanging out with some awesome builds.

Employers - If you are ready to hire our graduates, come tour our campus to get an inside look at what skills they are graduating with so you know exactly what to expect.

Students - Come meet with industry professionals and get a look at what types of careers you can begin after completing your training here at The Fab School.

Questions? Call 877-411-WELD or email


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Curt LeDuc

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This is my first time at Troys new building and I was blown away. Personal,equipment, projects and students. I brought my JK over just to help as I always brought a race truck to his open houses as I know our sport needs all the fabrication people we can get. Great to see Troy follow his dreams.

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Josh 8

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Yeah. When you think about how he started with you he has done amaizing. It's honestly a picture of the old American dream in modern times. Simply amaizing. And good to see that it is still possible. People seem to be broken these days. Given up and defeated. It's great to see a guy succeed.

The guys from LA Freightliner are the same way. About 20 years ago they got in the dealership with about 500k scratched together and now there honest billioners. It great to see that it is still possible.

I believe it's all about point of view. If you look out a window and see mud, we'll that's what you will get. But if you look out the same window and see a beautiful blue sky that's what you get.
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