Chadd Barnett

New Member
Hey there guys I have a question....

I got a 6in lift kit off a friend here in Las Vegas NV
its a 04-08 f150 2wd 6in lift kit and it did not come with Spindle Snouts the guys at the shop
are telling me that i can use my stock ones off my truck well my other issue is that i called fab-tech
and they told me the spindles are different i guess there longer well and i can buy them off them but i have to
send the spindles to Cali so they can press them and its $200 a spindle well i am a cheap wad and dont wanna spend the extra money i got the kit for $100 without rear end components was maybe expecting to spend a extra 400 for the rear stuff not $800 or i would of just bought it new! cold u guys help me maybe theirs anther place who can custom make them for cheaper or if any one has any laying around... any help would awesome