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I was reading this mag online, and as much as I hear smack being talked about Fabtech, this is a pretty awesome truck. I'll try to put the link here for all of you fabtech bashers to read all about the travel that they get out of that Fabtech stuff.

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.off-roadweb.com/archives/features/0801_features01.shtml>http://www.off-roadweb.com/archives/features/0801_features01.shtml</A>


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I bet for as much money that went into that truck it could have been built nicer with more reliability if it was built at a custom fab shop.


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for the amount of actual off road use the majority of "prerunner" style trucks I see running around I see nothing wrong with any of Fabtech's products. The only reason I do not have any of their products on my truck is that I cannot affod them, so I build my own stuff.

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wow, thats almost as cool as my rav4. it has 500 inches of travel in the front, and 600 in the rear.
(and thats with leaf springs) it even uses stock mounting locations. since it was a unibody, i didnt need to make a cage, its strong enough without.



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As far as I know, that kit is an idea and not a reality. I would also assume that the cost of that kit would be comparable with a fab shops prices which would weld the parts rather than bolt everything together and give you exactly what you wanted. Although, I do think that it is great that Fabtech is heading in that direction, and that they should continue with that kind of kit for other trucks.


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I actually saw that truck a few weeks ago. It was parked at a local Jack in the Box, so I had to stop by and check it out. It looks a hell of a lot nicer in person. I don't think it actually strokes as much travel as they are claiming. Its still pretty nice for a mid-life crisis truck.


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Right on build it yourself if you cant afford it. Even if you can build it anyway you sure get alot more satisfaction.I dont know about these bolt on trophy truck parts

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i dont know if its just me but a bolt on truss kit just doesnt sound all to strong seriously

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yeah if i paint my devers blue will i get 30" of travel???